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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Top of the 1st
Perhaps I’m watching too much “American Idol”, but I’ve got music and baseball on the brain this morning and I’m really thinking about one-hit wonders. So while you try to remember the one hit by Edison Lighthouse (“Love Grows (Where Rosemary Grows)”) I can tell you that on this date in 1902, Cleveland’s Addie Joss pitched a one-hitter in his major league debut. He allowed a scratch single to Jessie Burkett as the Indians beat the St. Louis Browns 3-0.

Addie Joss is no one hit wonder as he is in the Hall of Fame. He is one of the odder choices as he pitched only nine seasons before having to leave the game because of illness. While Joss won only 160 games, 45 were by shutout and he threw a perfect game in 1908 and a second no-hitter in 1910. He threw these “In the Summertime” which was the title of the one hit by Mungo Jerry.

When you think of one-hit wonders you could think of Los del Rios, who are still dancing the “Macarena” or The Ides Of March who sang “Vehicle” but I prefer to think of Nolan Ryan who on this date in 1990 tied Bob Feller’s major league record of 12 one-hitters as the Texas Rangers beat the Chicago White Sox 1-0. Ryan struck out 16 as he allowed only Ron Kittle’s check-swing single in the 2nd inning.

What’s truly amazing about these guys is that Feller threw three no-hitters to go with his dozen one-hitters and Ryan threw an amazing seven no-hitters to go along with his 12 one-hitters. Multiple one-hitters may sound oxymoronic but I think that Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” love may fall into that category as it is currently being sampled in Rihanna’s hit “SOS”.

Okay, raise your hand if you remember “Funkytown” by Lipps, Inc. or “Cars” by Gary Numan. Okay, put your hands down, other people in the office are starting to notice. Both of those one-hitters were from 1980 and on this date in 1980, Steve Carlton then with the Phils pitched the sixth one-hitter of his career against St. Louis for a National League record. The Phillies beat the Cardinals 2-0. Ted Simmons singled to lead off the 2nd inning.

“O-o-h Child” Simmons and Lefty were battery mates with the Cardinals in 1970 when The Five Stairsteps had their sole hit and also in 1971 when Carlton was “Mr. Big Stuff” as Jean Knight sang.

Now I know most of you don’t remember too many songs from the 1950’s but every bad dancing boy since 1955 has waited for the only hit by the Penguins to be played as “Earth Angel” is one of the greatest slow dance songs ever. There was nothing slow however about “Bullet Bob” Turley who n this date in 1955, the Yankee pitcher threw a one-hitter and struck out 10 to lead the Yankees to a 5-0 win over the Chicago White Sox.

Sometimes you know an artist will be a one-hit wonder. I mean I never expected anything from Chumbawamba after “Tubthumping” or from Lou Bega after “Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…)” However, there are others like Argent who sang “Hold Your Head Up” or Kim Carnes, who sang “Bette Davis Eyes” who really expected that the one success would lead to others.

That’s how I feel about Odalis Perez who on this date in 2002 was perfect for six innings as Los Angeles beat the Cubs 10-0 at Wrigley Field, but he wound up with a one-hitter. The one hit was Corey Patterson who beat out a bad-hop infield single leading off the 7th (we should hear more from him in the future as well).

Well that’s it for today’s “Billy-Ball One Hit Radio Show” but before I go I want to leave you with some one-hit wonder dedications…
* Sending Brewer & Shipley’s “One Toke Over the Line” to old friend, Bill “Spaceman” Lee.
* From Felipe to Moises Alou, Richie Haven’s version of “Here Comes the Sun.”
* To Bobby Cox from Willie Randolph, Vicki Lawrence’s “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia.”
* From Derek Lee to Dusty Baker, Paper Lace’s “The Night Chicago Died.”
* Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony remembering Pete Rose doing “The Hustle.”
* To Yankee fans celebrating their team’s 8-0 record in day games, the Starland Vocal Band’s “Afternoon Delight.”
* Mark Prior to his teammate Kerry, Amii Stewart’s “Knock on Wood.”
* Going out to all the umps in the field, Johnny Cymbal’s “Mr. Bass Man.”
* To Manny, Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”
* And finally, to Barry B*nds, The Castaway’s only hit, “Liar, Liar.”

Send your shout outs and dedications to

Top of the 2nd
Gustavo Chacin earned his fourth victory in four starts this season in the Blue Jays’ 7-3 win over the Orioles. He allowed three earned runs in seven innings and actually lowered his ERA from 5.60 to 5.11. The Jays have scored 31 runs in Chacin’s starts. The Jays have scored at least seven runs in each of their past eight victories.

Top of the 3rd
The KC Royals are just what the Minnesota Twins needed. The Twins had lost four straight games and were ineffective against Royals starter Scott Elarton who pitched 7 innings and gave up no runs and just three hits.

But Elarton left with only a 1-0 lead. In Elarton’s five starts, the Royals have scored five runs. But Lew Ford singled against Luke Hudson (0-2) leading off the 8th and eventualy scored on a Ruben Sierra pinch-hit and the Twins scored the eventual winning run on a sacrifice fly off Andrew Sisco. In the 2-1 loss, Kansas City stranded 14 runners, three short of the team record for a nine-inning game.

The Twins pitched around Mark Sweeney, who came into the game hitting .173, walking him four times to tie a Royals record. Reggie Sanders stranded eight runners in his first four at-bats.

Top of the 4th
According to Newsday, the Marlins proposed trading Dontrelle Willis for David Wright straight-up. Mets general manager Omar Minaya quickly rejected it as he and other Mets baseball officials view Wright and Jose Reyes as the franchise cornerstones, and the idea has even been advanced that Wright could be “our Jeter.” The Mets have told Wright’s people they intend to talk with him at year’s end about a long extension, assuming the year goes as expected.

Top of the 5th
The way the Red Sox rotation is shaping up it feels imperative that they win every game that Curt Schilling and Josh Beckett starts. So far they have been pretty successful.

Last night, the Sox came back late, thanks to a Manny three-run homer, to defeat Cleveland, 8-6. Schilling did not pick up the win having allowed five runs and nine hits in 6 2/3 innings, striking out eight and walking two as he failed to join Babe Ruth (1917) and Pedro Martinez (2000) as the only Red Sox pitchers with five April wins. Schilling will have another shot on Sunday.

Nevertheless, Schilling remains, 4-0 in five starts and the Sox are 5-0 in those starts. Beckett is 3-0 in four starts and the Sox are 3-1 in his starts (Boston is 13-7 overall).

Manager Terry Francona may be second-guessed on leaving Schilling in so long last night but the Sox bullpen is unreliable up until Jon Papelbon who is lights out as the closer. Schilling threw 133 pitches, the most in the majors this season, and no pitcher threw as many as 133 pitches and failed to complete seven innings during the entire 2005 season. Thus far in April, Schilling has thrown a total of 576 pitches, the most by a pitcher who made only five starts since 2003, when Kerry Wood had identical totals to Schilling’s for starts and pitches.

When manager Terry Francona removed him from the game, Schilling vented frustration on the mound, but noted later that he took no umbrage with his manager’s decision. “He’s the manager. I have respect for whatever he decides to do,” Schilling told reporters. “He knows me as well as anybody who’s ever managed me.”

Top of the 6th
Barry B*nds hit his 710th career home run, leading of the 2nd inning in New York’s 4-1 victory over the Giants. B*nds is five homers from passing Babe Ruth for second on the career list, which would give him the most homers by a left-hander, and 46 away from breaking Hank Aaron’s mark of 755.

Not only do I doubt that Bane will break Aaron’s record, I’ll be surprised to see him still playing in August.

The San Jose Mercury News reported on its website that a spokeswoman for Greg Anderson’s attorney confirmed that B*nds personal trainer and BALCO coconspirator had received a subpoena to testify before the federal grand jury investigating whether B*nds committed perjury.

In a speech yesterday, former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell who is leading baseball’s steroid investigation said, “We’ve begun the process. A team of lawyers and investigators are in the process of conducting interviews. We’re going to follow the evidence wherever it leads.”

I’ll be surprised to see B*nds in July.

Top of the 7th
BILLY-BALL-A-GRAM – 4/26/2006
Forty-five years ago today, Roger Maris hit his first home run of the season on the way to setting the pre-steroidal record for most homers in a season. Who was the Tiger pitcher who was his victim?

Who holds the Dodgers’ franchise record for the most hits in a season by a switch hitter?
Send your answers to

Bottom of the 7th
Thirty years ago today, this Cubs center fielder rescued the American flag from two trespassers who tried to set it on fire in the outfield at Dodger Stadium.
KID ACRONYM – Rick Monday

Colorado’s Jose Mesa is the third reliever in major league history to register a 30-save season for three different teams. Name the other two.
Lee Smith with the Cubs, Cardinals, Orioles, and Angels and Randy Myers with the Cubs, Reds, Padres, and Orioles.

Top of the 8th
Did you know that with the White Sox and Astros both winning last night, for the third straight day last year’s World Series teams hold the best winning percentage in their respective leagues. Both teams are 14-6 (.700).

Top of the 9th
Rk Player HR AVG
1 Albert Pujols 12 .343
2 Jonny J. Gomes 10 .299
3 David Ortiz 9 .299
4 Jim Thome 9 .333
5 Chris Shelton 9 .359
6 Morgan Ensberg 9 .352
7 Nick Swisher 9 .338
8 Andruw Jones 8 .282
9 Adam Dunn 8 .235
10 Carlos N. Lee 8 .312
11 Carlos Delgado 8 .329
12 Eric Chavez 8 .286
13 Ty Wigginton 8 .286

Bottom of the 9th
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