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Monday, June 26, 2006

Top of the 1st
Boston police arrested Phillies pitcher Brett Myers early Friday and charged him with domestic assault and battery. They had responded to multiple 911 calls just after midnight. According to the police report, Kim Myers and a witness said that Brett Myers had struck his wife in the face, leaving the left side of her face swollen.

In a telephone interview with the Boston Globe’s Suzanne Smalley, a witness, 26-year-old Courtney Knight said, “He was dragging her by the hair and slapping her across the face. She was yelling, `I’m not going to let you do this to me anymore’ . . . She’s a real small girl. It was awful. He had her on the ground. He was trying to get her to go, and she was resisting. She curled up and sat on the ground.”

Sly Egidio, who was with Knight, added, “I watched him just haul off and smack her in the face . . . This was violent. This was wrong.”

Read enough?

Let me add that Myers is listed at 6’4″, 238 pounds.

His wife is 5-4 and weighs 120.

Read enough?

Asked if he was embarrassed by the incident, Myers responded, “I’m sorry it had to get public, that’s it,” he said. “Of course it’s embarrassing.”

The standard players’ agreement limits potential disciplinary action from the team and from baseball until the matter is legally resolved (Patrick Courtney, a spokesman for Major League Baseball, said, “We have to wait until the justice system runs its course before we can really comment on it.”), but the Phillies are under no obligation to pitch Myers.

Myers started for the Phillies, in Fenway Park, on Saturday.


“I think it’s in the best interest of the club,” Phillies GM Pat Gillick told reporters. “He’s our best pitcher.”

Brett has a job to do,” Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said yesterday. “He’s paid to do it.”

When asked if the barrage of boos would affect Myers ability to pitch, Manuel responded, “Why wouldn’t he be able to do his job? … I love the fans. Believe me, without the fans, we don’t have a game,” Manuel said. “Fans voicing their opinions is great. At the same time, we’ve got to do what we think is right. Brett works for us. He pitches for us.”

Phils’ fan Karen Richards, a Yardley, Pa., resident and mother of five, attended Saturday’s game “I’m appalled by what that (expletive) did,” said. “The Phillies should benched him and dock his pay. People saw him hit her. He needs anger management control.”

Myers does have some supporters, his teammates, “They’re been behind me 100 percent.”

Myers faces a maximum of 2