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Happy birthday Keith Hernandez, who played for both the Cardinals and the Mets, Juan Marichal, and of course, Mickey Mantle

Friday, October 20, 2006

Top of the 1st
This was one of the great Game 7 in baseball history and was a mere 9th inning hit from being the quintessential finale.

The National League Central Champion St. Louis Cardinals defeated the National League East Champion New York Mets, 3-1 last night to earn the right to face the American League Champion Detroit Tigers who were the American League Wild Card representative from the American League Central division. Whew!

This was a game in which a catcher named Yadier Molina out-Carlosed the Mets with a 9th inning two run homer off of Aaron Heilman, who out-Wagnered the Mets closer, by surrendering the tie-breaking runs.

This was a game that the Cardinal pitcher, Jeff Suppan, out-Carpentered the reigning Cy Young Award winner and proved who truly was the pot-season ace of the staff. And, this was a game in which the Mets starter, Oliver Perez, out-Glavined, and certainly, out-Trachseled his cohorts by pitching an outstanding clutch game when everything was on the line.

In fact, Suppan and Perez were only the fourth pair of opposing starters who both pitched at least six innings and allowed one earned run or none in the deciding game of a best-of-seven series. The others: Jack Morris and John Smoltz in 1991, Ralph Terry and Jack Sanford in 1962 and Christy Mathewson and Hugh Bedient in 1912, all in the World Series.

This was a game in which, Mets outfielder, Endy Chavez, out-Amorosed Scott Rolen with one of the greatest catches in post-season history, not only robbing Rolen of homer, but turning it into a double play that preserved the 1-1 tie.

This was a game in which Cardinals rookie closer, Adam Wainwright, out-Isringhausened the Mets by closing the door with tying the tying and winning runs on base in the 9th. Wainwright was only the second rookie to earn a save in the deciding game of a postseason series (and the first to do so in a best-of-seven series). The other was Pete Ladd of the Brewers in the 1982 ALCS.

This was a game won by a St. Louis team that almost out-Mauched the league by coming dangerously close to blowing an 8