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Friday, June 15, 2007

Top of the 1st
There it was, the item that I live for each morning sitting in the Boston Globe’s Gordon Edes baseball notebook today:
“Hideki Okajima laughed before Jeff Yamaguchi translated the following question: Who would Okajima rather face, James Bond or Barry B*nds? “James Bond, 007?” he said, smiling. “I’d rather face James Bond.””

This enables me to ask you the following:
* Who would rather face the missing bat of J.D. Drew or girl detective Nancy Drew?
* Who would rather face the current Fielder known as Prince or the musical artist currently known as Prince?
* Who would you rather face Japanese pitcher Dice-K or joke pitcher Andrew Dice Clay?
* Who performs better pitter pitcher Jon Garland or singer Judy Garland?
* Which looks better the sweet swing hips of Derrek Lee or the sweet swing lips of Angelina Jolie?
* Who would you rather face, Vladimir Guerrero or Vladimir Putin?
* Who would rather face, Jim Rice or Condoleezza Rice?
* Who would you rather have as your teammate baseball hunk Derek Jeter or Grey’s Anatomy hunk, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey)?
* Which would you rather have for dinner, Joe Torre or chicken cacciatore?
* With dinner, would you rather have Cole Hamels or cole slaw?
* Who is more likely to fold, the Ben Sheets nine or the Ben Folds Five?
* Who was dirtier, the hustling Trot Nixon or the hustler Richard Nixon?
* Who would you rather be friends with, Braves manager Bobby Cox or Friends star Courtney Cox?
* Who is cuter, pitcher David Wells or Dawn Wells (Maryann from Gilligan’s Island)?
* Who is older, Roger Clemens or Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)?
* Who would you rather face, “Oh what a tangled web we weave” Mark McGw*re or web slinger Tobey Maguire?
* Who would rather face hit stopper Justin Verlander or hit maker Justin Timberlake?
* Who do you feel more secure leaving your wife around, Derek Lowe or Rob Lowe?
* Who’s had more big hits, Jim Thome or Marisa Tomei?
* Which Massachusetts community would community would you rather live in (Tim) Wakefield or (Mike) Lowell?
* Who would be easier to hit acting like a pitcher Jeff Weaver or Aliens actor Sigourney Weaver?
* Who would rather face artist pitcher Johan Santana or musical artist Carlos Santana?
* Which is more worthless, low-yield junk Barry B*nds or high-yield junk bonds?

Top of the 2nd
The Yankees win again. Alex Rodriguez drove in two more runs, Andy Pettitte breezed for eight innings and the Yankees won their ninth straight game, beating the Arizona Diamondbacks, 7-1. It’s the team’s longest winning streak since the Yanks won 10 straight in 2005.

At 33-31, the Yankees matched their high point this season (they were 8-6 after play on April 19) a vast improvement for a club that was eight games under .500 and 14