The Mariners win! The Mariners win!

The magic number turned out to be 17. Seattle ended its 17-game losing streak with a 9-2 victory over the New York Yankees, by amassing a season-high 17-hits.

  1. Felix Hernandez earned the win
  2. Phil Hughes took the loss.
  3. Ichiro Suzuki had four hits and stole two bases.
  4. The last time the M’s won was July 5.
  5. Over the 17 games, the Mariners lost to Oakland, the Angels four times, the Rangers four times, the Blue Jays three times, the Red Sox three times, and the Yankees twice.
  6. They fell from 43-43, 2.5 games out to 44-60, 14.5 games out.
  7. Justin Smoak hit .138 over the streak (8-for-58).
  8. Ichiro hit .211 over the streak (15-for-71).
  9. The Mariners are 30th in the majors in runs, batting avg, on base percentage, and 29th in slugging.