Nine to Know: Top Nine Baseball Jeremys (In case you are Lin-terested)

Last night, the Knicks point guard and sports sensation Jeremy Lin had a personal-best 13 assists as his team earned its seventh straight victory by beating the Sacramento Kings in a blowout. Far be it for me to not ride the wave of excitement of this surprise story and not try to get some readers in the process and to show off to potential employers how creative I can be.

I started by thinking of television shows like “Jeremy Lin – Special Victims Unit” or “GLin.” Then I thought that Adele might sing, “Oh my, its not me, it’s Jeremy.” Or a movie, “Something About Jeremy.” Or Mitt Romney claiming, “I am severely a Jeremy Lin fan.”

Then I figured I should turn to baseball.

BTW: I’ve got dibs on the following nine

  1. Bobby VaLintine
  2. Justin VerLinder
  3. Tim Lincecum
  4. OakLind A’s
  5. The CleveLin Indians or the Cleveland Lindians
  6. Adam Lind
  7. Derrick HolLind
  8. Phil Linz
  9. Freddie Lindstrom

Then I envision this quote from Mitch Williams, “Who’s Jeremy Lin?”

Here are nine baseball Jeremys:

  1. Jeremy Accardo
  2. Jeremy Affeldt
  3. Jeremy Bonderman
  4. Jeromy Burnitz
  5. Jeremy Giambi
  6. Jeremy Guthrie
  7. Jeremy Hellickson
  8. Jeremy Hermida
  9. Jeremy Reed

It’s not a Kindle, it’s a Lindle