9 to Know about #49 and Jaime Moyer

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Marc Stout of ROOT SPORTS ROCKY MOUNTAIN is beginning his sixth season as a Rockies TV anchor/reporter and is Billy-Ball.com’s go-to guy for Rockies news. Not surprisingly, our conversation has been about the amazing 49-year old Jaime Moyer who starts on 4/7 against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park.

Here are some nuggets Marc and I have gathered for you about Moyer and the Astros:

  • Lifetime against the Astros, Moyer is 5-4 with a  3.97 ERA.
  • Moyer’s first appearance against the Astros was in the Astrodome, during his 1986 rookie season with the Cubs on 8/27/86. Moyer was the losing pitcher in that 7-1 game. Houston’s starter and winner was Nolan Ryan.
  • Moyer has faced the Astros 15 times and started 12 of those games. He made five appearances in the Astrodome where he was 2-2 with a 3.24 ERA.
  • Moyer’s second start in the Dome was on 5/16/87. The winning pitcher in that 2-1 game was Moyer, the loser was Nolan Ryan. Moyer defeated the Astros in the Dome once again on Sept. 1, 1987.
  • Moyer face the Astros next on May 13, 1988. Moyer took the loss and the winner? Nolan Ryan. Ryan pitched a complete game, allowing two runs on seven hits while striking out 11. He was kid at 41.
  • The Astrodome closed in 1999 and at that time Moyer’s record was 188-101. Since that time Moyer has gone 149-103.

Here’s Nine to Know about #49:

  1. Seventeen batters have hit 49 homers in a season. Harmon Killebrew and Lou Gehrig are the only two batters to end the season with 49 homers twice.
  2. Seventeen batters have hit 49 doubles in a season. Jaime Moyer‘s teammate Todd Helton is the only batter to end the season with 49 doubles twice.
  3. Twenty players have stolen 20 bases in a season. Joe Morgan is the only player to end the season with 49 steals twice.
  4. Two pitchers started 49 games in a season: Wilbur Wood and Ed Walsh.
  5. Nineteen pitchers have 49 career wins including Chris Young  and Daisuke Matsuzaka.
  6. Twenty five pitchers have 49 career losses including Ubaldo Jimenez  and Jorge De La Rosa.
  7. Four pitchers tossed 49 shutouts: Don Drysdale, Luis Tiant, Fergie Jenkins, and Early Wynn.
  8. Two pitchers recorded 49 saves in a season and both pitched on Opening Day 2012: Francisco Cordero and Jose Valverde.
  9. From 1986-88, Jaime Moyer wore #49 for the Chicago Cubs and in his 1986 rookie year Moyer allowed 49 earned runs.