Mariano Rivera

I have been lucky to see some of the greatest ballplayers over the last 50 years. But even in their greatness, there were always debates like:

Who was better Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays?

Which right fielder would you rather have, Hank Aaron or Roberto Clemente?

Who would you like behind the plate Johnny Bench or Carlton Fisk?

Mike Schmidt, George Brett or Brooks Robinson at third?

Who’s your second baseman: Roberto Alomar, Ryne Sandberg, or Joe Morgan?

Who’s at short for you Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez or Cal Ripken?

Don’t make me choose between Sandy Koufax, Juan Marichal, or Bob Gibson just to name three starting pitchers.

But the only question in which there is no argument in baseball: who do you want as your closer? Mariano Rivera is by far the greatest closer of all time.

This can’t be regarded as a sad day for Yankee Universe, this is a sad day for baseball.

I will have more on Mariano in the coming days.