Nine to Know: Shutouts edition

Johan Santana after he tossed his shutout

I’ve been thinking about shutouts ever since Johan Santana pitched a brilliant four-hit shutout of the Padres on Saturday. It was good for Santana, Mets fans, and baseball fans to watch Santana throw just 96 pitches and continue his comeback from his debilitating injury.

Here’s Nine to Know:

  1. Santana now has nine career shutouts, the same as A.J. Burnett, Bartolo Colon, Kenny Rogers, Sid Fernandez, Dave Dravecky, and Randy Wolf, just a sampling of the 69 pitchers with nine career shutouts.
  2. This season, 15 teams have pitchers who have tossed complete game shutouts with the Angels leading the pack with three, the White Sox, Phillies, Giants and Jays have two apiece. The Diamondbacks, Braves, Tigers, Indians, Marlins, Dodgers, Mariners, Cardinals, Rays, and Mets one each.
  3. Since 1962, the year of the Mets inception, the Cardinals have tossed 81 shutouts, the Yankees and the Rangers franchise 79 each, the Mets have thrown 78, and the Indians 77.
  4. Since 1962, the individual shutout leaders are two pitchers who pitched for the Mets during their careers: Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan each had 61 blankings. They are followed by Bert Blyleven who had 60, Don Sutton with 58, Steve Carlton 55, and Jim Palmer, Gaylord Perry, and Bob Gibson who had 53 each.
  5. So far this season, 84 games have ended in a shutout, 10 of them ending 1-0.
  6. The Oakland A’s and the Los Angeles Angels have each been shut out eight times this season, the most in the majors.
  7. Since 1962, the team that has been shut out most frequently in a season? The 1963 New York Mets 30 times, followed by the 1972 Texas Rangers 27 times, and then the 1967 New York Mets again, that year with 26.
  8. Since 1962, the season in which most frequently one team scored no runs was 1972 when one team was blanked 357 times. Excluding the lockout season of 1994, the fewest blankings were in 1999 when teams were held scoreless just 143 times. Last season there were 323 shutouts, the fifth most since 1962.
  9. Finally, just for the fun of it I checked and found since 1918 the Yankees have shut out the Red Sox 123 times and the Red Sox have shut out the Yankees 77 times.