Today’s MLB schedule

Mariners (Kevin Millwood) at Rays (Jeff Niemann), 1:10
Indians (Justin Masterson) at White Sox (John Danks), 8:10
Yankees (David Phelps) at Royals (Danny Duffy), 8:10
Blue Jays (Brandon Morrow) at Angels (Dan Haren), 10:05

Phillies (Joe Blanton) at Braves (Randall Delgado), 12:10
Cubs (Ryan Dempster) at Reds (Homer Bailey), 12:35
Prates (Erik Bedard) at Cardinals (Jake Westbrook), 1:45
Marlins (Anibal Sanchez) at Giants (Ryan Vogelsong), 3:45
Diamondbacks (Ian Kennedy) at Nationals (Ross Detwiler), 7:05

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