Bay, Sitting on the Dock

The New York Mets and Jason Bay finalized what everyone has known for years…it was a bad marriage from the start.

Yesterday, the Mets and Bay ended their four-year, $65 million marriage one year before the completion of the deal. The NY Times reports that Bay will receive all of the remaining $21 million he was owed by the organization through an immediate lump sum and deferred payment over several years.

Bay hit .234 as a Met in 288 games, with 26 homers and 124 RBI. He joined the Mets as a .280 lifetime batter and left with a .269 career average. Before playing for the Mets, Bay played 200 games for the Red Sox hitting .274 with 45 homers and 156 RBI.

Throughout his Mets career he was emotionally concussed by his big contract and physically concussed as a result of his aggressive style in the field.

Joe Urbon, Bay’s agent, said Bay’s intentions were clear. “He’s trying to reclaim his baseball life,” Urbon said.

Nick Cafardo writes in today’s Boston Globe, Sox GM Ben Cherington was asked about Bay,

“Certainly surprised that it didn’t go better for him,” Cherington said. “He’s a terrific guy. Great player for a long time. We expected him to go there and do well. Don’t know the particulars of why it didn’t go well.

“I have a lot of respect for him and hopefully he’ll find a better situation. We haven’t talked about it yet, but we haven’t ruled anything out.”