Recently, students at Moscow State University saw that their professor posted a sign on his door stating, “The last chance to retake your History of Foreign Literature exam will be 12/12/12. If you choose not to take it, it will not only be the end of the world…but also the end of you.”

So for you dozenalists who are celebrating either the twelve days of Christmas or AA’s twelve step program, here is something that should be read today at 12:12:12 pm, when the date and time will read: 12/12/12 12:12:12. The rest of you should simply enjoy National Soundcheck Day (“one-two, one-two, one-two”) and enjoy my 12-12-12 sets of 12.

12 Players

  1. Wade Boggs‘ # 12 was retired by the Tampa Bay Rays on April 7, 2000
  2. Roberto Alomar‘s #12 was retired by the Toronto Blue Jays on July 31, 2011
  3. Alfonso Soriano of the Cubs is probably the most successful #12 playing these days (let’s see if Lance Berkman signs for the next season). Soriano holds the NL record for the most home runs in a season leading off a game with 12.
  4. Bernie Williams struck out 1212 times in his career.
  5. Germany Schaefer had 1212 total bases in his career.
  6. Mike Trujillo, Bert Roberge, Raleigh Aitchison and Max Fiske all ended their careers with 12-12 records.
  7. Jimmie Foxx, Manny Ramirez, and Jim Thome each have 12 seasons of 30+ homers.
  8. Matt Stairs, Ron Villone, and Mike Morgan each played for 12 franchises.
  9. Roberto Clemente, Nellie Fox, Frank Robinson, Roberto Alomar, Wade Boggs, Barry Larkin, Mark McGwire, Mel Ott, Mike Piazza, Manny Ramirez, Mariano Rivera, Mike Schmidt, Tom Seaver, and Dave Winfield were each 12-time All-Stars.
  10. Babe Ruth led the league in homers in 12 different seasons.
  11. Rickey Henderson led the league in steals 12 times.
  12. Walter Johnson led the league 12 times in strikeouts.

12 Feats

  1. Mark Whiten had 12 RBI on September 7, 1993 (he hit four homers in that second game of a DH)
  2. Jim Bottomley had 12 RBI on September 16, 1924 (he went 6-for-6)
  3. George McBride had four seasons in which he stole 12 bases.
  4. Ted Lyons six times pitched 12 innings in a game.
  5. Nolan Ryan, in his Hall of Fame career struck out 12 batters in a game 39 times, the most of any pitcher.
  6. Sandy Koufax and David Cone struck out 12 batters in a game 12 times each.
  7. Nolan Ryan and Bob Feller each had 12 one-hitters.
  8. There have been 99 players who have stolen 12 bases in their career including Nick Swisher, Ryan Howard, Starling Marte, Jeff Keppinger, Mark McGwire, Dick Schofield, Wily Mo Pena, Danny Ainge, Mario Mendoza, Dick Williams, Pumpsie Green, and Terry Francona.
  9. Carl Hubbell lost 12 games in six different seasons.
  10. Sam Crawford still holds the single-season record with 12 inside the park homers, doing it in the dead ball era in 1901.
  11. On May 2, 2012, A.J. Burnett allowed 12 earned runs to the Cardinals.
  12. There have been 87 times in baseball history that a pitcher went 12-12, the most recent was the Dodgers’ Chris Capuano who did it in 2012. Bruce Hurst was the only one to do it twice.

12 Teams

  1. Both the Giants and the Dodgers have lost 12 World Series.
  2. There have been 20 postseason games in which one has scored 12 runs all resulting in wins.; cumulative score: 240-65.
  3. The Indians, Phillies, and Pirates each have 12 inductees in the Hall of Fame
  4. Two teams have hit 12 doubles in a game: The Red Sox on July 29, 1990 against the Tigers and the Indians did it against the Twins on July 13, 1996.
  5. In 1950, the St. Louis Browns allowed 12 runs 10 times and went 0-10. In 2000, the Chicago White Sox allowed 12 runs 10 times and went 2-8. In 2007, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays allowed 12 runs 10 times and went 1-9. In 2012, the Jays and the Indians were each 0-5 when allowing 12 runs.
  6. The 2012 Phillies fell one game short of the record of the 2003 Cubs when they struck 12 batters in a game 18 times. Neither team did particularly well in spite of all the whiffs, the Cubs were 12-7 and the Phils were 10-8.
  7. The 1934 Tigers scored 12 runs nine times and went 9-0.
  8. The 1921 St. Louis Browns were 8-5 when they had 12 singles in a game. But the 1931 Pirates were 11-1 in their 12 12-single games, while the 1925 Phils were 6-6.
  9. The Texas Rangers were 6-0 when they hit 12 singles in 2012.
  10. The most times 12 runs were scored by a team in a game was in 2000 when it happened 85 times. The fewest? 1968 when 12 runs were scored by a team 12 times.
  11. Proud moments in pitching for the Red Sox and the Marlins who in 2012 were the only teams to lose when their own team scored 12 runs.
  12. There were seven games in 2012 in which teams scored 12 runs on 12 hits
Rk Date Tm Opp Rslt
1 2012-09-26 BAL TOR W 12-2
2 2012-09-20 OAK DET W 12-4
3 2012-09-07 CHC PIT W 12-2
4 2012-07-28 MIN CLE W 12-5
5 2012-05-27 TEX TOR W 12-6
6 2012-05-13 BOS CLE W 12-1
7 2012-04-22 HOU LAD W 12-0
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