Does the Michael Young Stairmaster go to the Phils?

Michael Young has been on a Stairmaster since 2007 going up and down in performance every-other-year. If he stays on track, this should be a good year to pick up the infielder and the Rangers and the Phillies are in discussion to make a deal, dependent upon Young’s approval since he is a player with 10 years in the majors, including the last five with the same club

Evan Grant reports in the Dallas Morning News that according to major league sources, the Rangers would send the 36-year-old Young to Philadelphia in a deal that would include the Rangers eating more than half of his remaining $16 million in salary (between $11 million and $12 million). The Rangers would likely receive a young major league reliever along with a lower-level prospect.

The Michael Young Stairmaster

Year BA
2007 .315
2008 .284
2009 .322
2010 .284
2011 .338
2012 .277
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Young is a horse who likes to play and would get that opportunity at third in Philadelphia, while becoming a part-timer in Texas.

Here are the dozen players who have played over 1600 games since 2002

Rk Player G
1 Ichiro Suzuki 1754
2 Michael Young 1715
3 Albert Pujols 1698
4 Juan Pierre 1674
5 Carlos Lee 1670
6 Adam Dunn 1655
7 Bobby Abreu 1654
8 Derek Jeter 1649
9 Adrian Beltre 1622
10 Paul Konerko 1620
11 Jimmy Rollins 1620
12 Raul Ibanez 1612
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