“Can you hear me now? A lefty! I want a lefty! Not a hefty!”

Gabe Lacques reports in today’s USA Today that a “multi-year, multi-million dollar deal” that made T-Mobile the game’s official wireless carrier, Major League Baseball said T-Mobile will create an on-field communication system, most notably a wireless voice system that connects managers in dugouts to coaches in bullpens.

It also plans to significantly improve fans’ ability to connect to networks and interact within the ballpark, as well as enhance MLB’s advanced-media offerings on smartphones and tablets.”

The system won’t go live in every ballpark in 2013, so the dugout phone will continue in some markets.

My feeling is that this is a step in the right direction and I wonder when MLB will start allowing iPads in dugouts to enable the coaching staff to easily access data.

Having said that, I hope we never reach the day that instead of a batter looking to a third-base coach for a sign that he reaches into his back pocket to check his smartphone to see if he has a tweet that reads, “Take two and then go to right.”