Pitchers with 10+ losses over the last four seasons – a follow-up

My compliments to my Rockies Special Correspondent Marc Stout for showing initiative.

Each day, I spew out facts, figures, and nonsense and occasionally a member of the media will use it or do some follow-up work. But despite the fact that Marc doesn’t have his Rockies pre-game forum to share the info with his fans, Marc still did some homework.

Yesterday, I posted the pitchers who have lost at least 10 games in each of the last four seasons

Marc took the list and checked out their current salaries (or last year’s salary if they are a free agent)

James Shields 9,000,000-KC
Wandy Rodriguez 13,000,000-Pitt
Justin Masterson (arb eligible estimated) 5,700,000-CLE
Derek Lowe (FA…will use 2012 salary) 15,000,000-cle
Francisco Liriano (FA…2012 salary) 5,500,000-MIN
Dan Haren 13,000,000-was
Jeremy Guthrie 5,000,000-KC
Gavin Floyd 9,500,000-cws
Kevin Correia 4,500,000-MIN
Bronson Arroyo 11,500,000-cin

TOTAL – 91,700,000 (9,170,000 avg)

Excellent work, Marc!