The Stan the Man Span?

US Senate talks about naming a bridge after Stan Musial

Stan6Mike Licht, Senior Bridgeologist Correspondent shared this story from that reports that Sens. Claire McCaskill and Dick Durbin intend to introduce legislation to name the new bridge across the Mississippi River the “Stan Musial Memorial Bridge.”6 Similar legislation has been introduced in the Missouri and Illinois General Assemblies.

“We know that what really unites Missouri and Illinois in the greater St. Louis area is Cardinal baseball. What a great way to unite the two states,” McCaskill, of Missouri, said.

“I can already see people calling it ‘the Stan span’,” she said. “I just think it’s a wonderful way to put a man of great character on everyone’s tongue for generations to come.”

Durbin, D-Ill., who grew up in East St. Louis, recalled the Rawlings Stan Musial baseball glove that he rubbed liberally with Gloveoleum oil as a boy.

Two years ago, when Musial received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Durbin brought the worn old glove to the White House for Musial to sign.

“On the field and off, Stan Musial was always a gentleman, always a champion. He exemplified the values of sportsmanship, discipline, hard work, grace, consistency,” Durbin said.

Such a proposal likely would be embraced in Congress, where baseball often runs a close second to politics as a passion of members and could short-circuit efforts to name it after former members of Congress from both states who had a roll in securing its funding..

On the Senate floor this morning, Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., recounted Musial’s accomplishments on the diamond, and recounted memories that Musial’s death has triggered. After Musial’s election to baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1969, Blunt said, “he would be one of the great ambassadors of baseball for the rest of his life.”

“Yes, he has amazing statistics. Yes, him hitting a baseball was a thing off beauty that all of America was in awe of. But really, what this man was about was this phrase that we talk about in politics all too often. And that was American values,” McCaskill said.

“It was his character that brought universal love, respect, devotion to the man, our man, Stan the Man,” she said.

She closed with former Cardinal manager and star Joe Torre‘s message to the Musial family after the great player’s death: “Stan Musial was a Hall of Famer in the game of life.”