“They lie and lie, then the truth comes out.” — Fay Vincent

“All these denials remind me of Pete Rose and Lance Armstrong,” former MLB commissioner Fay Vincent told Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY Sports. “They lie and lie, then the truth comes out.

“It makes every athlete’s denial worthless.”

“I would throw anybody out of the game after a failed test,” Vincent said, MLB commissioner in 1989-1992. “That’s why we did it with Rose. People knew that if we can throw out a guy like Rose, who acted so arrogant, we can do it to anybody who gambles. So why not for steroids? Why give them three bites of that apple?”

“It’s a very effective deterrent. It’s like the Saudis cutting off an arm if you steal somebody’s wallet. You see one guy walking around without a wrist, it stops you.”

“Fans will say, ‘When will this ever end?'” Vincent, baseball’s last true and independent commisioner says. “The tragedy is that it will never end.”