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RAFAEL SORIANO (29) of the New York Yankees, in action during the Yankees game against the Washington Nationals on June 16, 2012 at Nationals Park in Washington DC. The Yankees beat the Nationals 5-3.


Free-agent Rafael Soriano is still available ostensibly to the higher bidder and I for one keep wondering what is taking the Toronto Blue Jays or the Washington Nationals (or any team for that matter) so long to pull the trigger.

Soriano declined a qualifying offer from the Yankees and would therefore cost some team their first-round pick and the draft pool bonus money that goes with it. On the other hand, it would provide the Jays or Nats (or any team for that matter) an absolutely proven closer or 8th inning guy that could make any team better.

Over the last three seasons, Soriano has had saves seasons of 45, 2, and 42. Don’t be mis-led by Soriano’s two saves in 2011, he was Mariano Rivera’s set-up man appearing in 42 games, 13 times in the 7th inning and 20 times in the 8th inning.

Don’t be mis-led by Soriano’s 42 saves in 2012 either. He didn’t earn his first save until May 10 in the Yankees 31st game of the season and from that point on he brilliantly filled Mo’s shoes saving 42 of 46 with his fastball/slider combination, with an occasional cutter thrown in.


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