Volkswagon Makes Phil Wellman Happy

In their new Super Bowl ad, Volkswagon makes a number of viral “crazies” happy, including one Phillip Wellman.

With the music of Jimmy Cliff singing “C’mon Get Happy,” the Partridge Family theme, we see Phil Wellman, Sad Football Fan, Video Game Freakout, Crying Cat Girl, and other viral YouTube stars “getting happy.”

You might remember Wellman from back in June 2007 when he was the Mississippi Braves manager and he covered home plate with dirt, threw a base and crawled on his belly during his team’s 7-6 loss at Chattanooga. It began when Wellman came storming out of the dugout after the plate umpire ejected pitcher Kelvin Villa for apparently using a foreign substance.

Wellman threw his hat, then began shouting and framing the face of the umpire with his hands about 6 inches apart.

Take a look at Phil Wellman’s virtuoso performance

Current Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia played for Wellman at that time, “It got a lot of laughs in here,” Saltalamacchia said. “Maybe he went over the line a little bit. Who knows? But he’s going to do whatever it takes for his players.”

Wellman is beginning his third season as the hitting coach of the Springfield Cardinals.

Here’s the Volkswagon ad