WBC Rules!

Well, whether you believe the World Baseball Classic rules…or it doesn’t rule is irrelevant.

Here are some of the rules for the upcoming WBC:

This tournament will be the first to take advantage of video replays for difficult calls on whether a potential home run clears the fence or is fair or foul.

Here’s one that is simply disgraceful: each inning from the 13th on begin with runners on first and second base.

Pitchers in the first round will not be allowed to face a new batter after throwing 65 pitches.

That limit will be increased to 80 pitches for the second round and 95 for the final round.

Pitchers who throw 50 or more pitches in a game will be ineligible to pitch the following four days.

Those throwing 30 or more pitches or pitching for the second consecutive day will be ineligible to pitch the following day.