What we need are the Houston Billy-Balls

According to a report by Josh Leventhal of BaseballAmerica.com, Major League Baseball Advanced Media has purchased the domain name Rockies.com for an undisclosed sum from a Canadian organization that promoted tourism in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

According to Darren Heitner of Forbes.com, MLBAM paid $1.2 million of the rights to the name.

MLBAM still does not own the rights for the domains of the Giants (which belongs to the NFL’s New York Giants), Rays (owned by a Seattle restaurant and catering service of the same name), Rangers (owned by the web development company Future Media Architects) and Twins (a blank page owned by a company called D&D Miller).

MLBAM had most recently purchased the domain Angels.com for $200,000 in 2010, according to industry expert Domain News Wire.

In light of the transfer of the Houston franchise to the American League, I was thinking that they should change their name to the Billy-Balls and might be interested perhaps in  purchasing the Billy-Ball.com url.

My hope is that they would do this soon as Hietner reports that “at least one authority believes that purchases like the $1.2 million for Rockies.com could be a thing of the past when leagues are no longer forced to rely on .COM domain names and can instead use their own domain extensions like .BASEBALL to make it easier for fans to access MLB affiliated websites and allow the clubs and league to truly own their brands/marks.”