Tim Wakefield to teach the knuckler to washed-up QBs

There are many things to look forward to on the MLB Network as we prepare for the new season. On the other hand, there’s a new reality show for the truly baseball-desperate.

Beginning next Wednesday, The Next Knuckler, debuts. In this reality competition Tim Wakefield works with a group of former college or NFL quarterbacks to see if one of them can make the Arizona Diamondbacks. The show will be hosted by Kevin Millar (it could be worse, it could have been Mitch Williams).

Former college (and pro) quarterbacks John David Booty, Josh Booty, Doug Flutie, David Greene and Ryan Perrilloux will to learn to throw a knuckleball under the instruction of Wake and the best of the field at the end of the series will get an invitation to Arizona Diamondbacks’ spring training.

“I’ve dedicated my entire baseball life to the challenging art of throwing the knuckleball,” says Wakefield in the premiere episode. “Now, I’ve embarked on this mission to continue the knuckleball legacy. These guys were great athletes on the gridiron so I wanted to try this experiment out. You don’t have to grip the baseball the way I threw it, but if you want to win, you have to lose the spin.”

Taped at Vero Beach Sports Village, one contestant will be eliminated from the competition in each episode based on his performance and input from Wakefield and Millar. The winner will earn an invitation to the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Spring Training camp and the chance to pitch for the D-backs in a Spring Training game.

The losers will return to obscurity.