Bill Chuck’s Nine to Know: Willingham, AGon, Holliday, Gregerson, Arroyo, Ellsbury and more

  1. Josh Willingham is hitting .219 with 10 homers, while Adrian Gonzalez is hitting .298 also with 10 homers, yet they both have a .352 OBP.
  2. Matt Holliday has grounded into 20 DPs this season, six with two runners on base and five with runners on first and third.
  3. The Mariners bullpen lead the majors with 255 strikeouts, the Rays pen has 253, the Pirates bullpen has 252.
  4. The Indians have had a .500 record at 2-2, 3-3, 5-5, 13-13, 14-14, 30-30, 33-33, 34-34, and 35-35.
  5. In games following their team’s win, Trevor Cahill, Bronson Arroyo, Ryan Dempster, Cole Hamels, Dan Haren, and Joe Saunders all have six losses.
  6. For those you who don’t buy into the difference between the 8th inning or the 9th inning for a reliever, just check Luke Gregerson who in the 8th inning is holding batters to a .106 avg, but in the 9th inning batters are hitting him at a .378 pace.
  7. The Central divisions have the best ERA in each league. The NL Central teams have a 3.62 ERA and the AL Central division teams have a 3.91 ERA.
  8. Over the last 35 seasons, only six Red Sox have had double figures in triples led by Jim Rice’s 15 in 1978; Jacoby Ellsbury has seven this season.
  9. The Red Sox pitchers have thrown the most strikes with 7630 and most balls at 4459 in the majors.