Yu Darvish Slumping

If a pitcher is 7-3 with a 2.95 ERA and a 1.003 WHIP, how much of slump can he be in?

If the pitcher is Yu Darvish, the answer is “significant.”

Darvish is not your run of the mill pitcher. His skills and repertoire of pitches are vast. His importance to the Rangers’ regular and postseason hopes can’t be minimized, there are too many teams vying for the same spots.

In Darvish’s last seven starts, he is 0-2, but even more importantly, the Rangers are 1-6. His ERA during this streak is 2.93, which is better than the 2.95 he had during his first nine starts when he went 7-1 as the Rangers went 8-1.

In those first nine starts, batters hit .174 against Darvish and he allowed seven homers. In these last seven starts, batters are still hitting a feeble .213 and Darvish has allowed another seven homers, with five dingers in his last two starts against the A’s and Yankees.

In his career, Darvish is 1-4 against the Rangers’ primary rival A’s. Interestingly, he’s 5-1 against the Angels and 4-0 against the Tigers.