From the Bill Chuck Files…

Nine to Know

  1. There is something wrong with a schedule that has the Yanks first visit to Fenway not until tonight.

  2. Andy Pettitte now has 252 career wins, one more than Bob Gibson and one less than Carl Hubbell. But, Gibson (56) and Hubbell (36) each have more shutouts than Pettitte has complete games (25)

  3. Talk about balance, Clay Buchholz hasn’t won a game since June 8, but he still leads Boston with nine wins and it doesn’t appear he’s going to be back anytime soon.

  4. In his 12 winning games, the A’s, Bartolo Colon has allowed 74 hits, the most in the majors. In Stephen Strasburg’s seven losses, he’s allowed only 35 hits.

  5. Jason Giambi has 23 hits and 23 RBI. He has six doubles, six homers (for those of you not good at math, that’s 12 extra-base hits) and 11 singles.

  6. Carlos Gonzalez has 31 hits against lefty starters, the most in the majors followed by Jean Segura with 30.

  7. The Orioles have hit 132 homers and have allowed 123 homers, leading the majors in both categories.

  8. When the score is tied, no batter has more hits than Manny Machado’s 52.

  9. Allen Craig leads the majors with 21 hits with two down and RISP.