Grand Standings – At the Break

A look at the numbers under numbers

Nine to Know

  1. The Dodgers (47-47) and the Phillies (48-48) are baseball’s only teams exactly at .500, they are both 5.5 back in the NL Wild Card Race. But the Phils are 6.5 back in the NL East, while the Dodgers are just 2.5 back in the NL West. 

  2. The average W-L record in the AL East is 52-43 (.548). The average W-L record in the NL Central is 49-44 (.526). No other division has a winning record.

  3. In what should really be the determinant as to home field advantage in the World Series, the AL leads NL 107-94 (860 runs to 815) in interleague play.

  4. In their last 10 games the Rangers and Orioles are 5-5; in their last 20 they are 11-9; and in their last 30 they are 16-14.

  5. In their last 10 games the Cubs and Mets are 6-4; in their last 20 they are 12-8; and in their last 30 they are 17-13.

  6. For Yankee fans who have lost hope: the New Yorkers stand at 51-44, the same record they had in 2005 when they were the Division Champs and in 1977, when they were the World Series Champs. On the other hand: it’s also the same record they had in 1945 and 1979 when they finished fourth.

  7. In games decided by two runs, the Orioles have the best record at 11-5, followed by the Pirates at 17-8, and the Phillies at 14-7.

  8. The Red Sox lead the majors in games in which they have scored at least seven runs. They have played 31 and gone 28-3. Next are the Tigers who have gone 28-2 in their 30 games. Texas and Toronto are undefeated in 23 such contests and Atlanta in 22.

  9. Since the start of play on May 15 (two months ago today), the A’s have the best record in baseball going 36-18 (.667) followed by the Pirates 34-20 (.630), and the Red Sox 36-22 (.621). The Giants at 20-35 (.364) have the worst record.