Grand Standings – July 22, 2013

A look at the numbers behind the numbers

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  1. The Red Sox became baseball’s first 60-game winners last night. They’re also the first to have played 100 games and are now 60-40.

  2. The Rays head to Boston tonight as baseball’s hottest team winning 9-of-10, 17-of-20, 22-of-30, 26-of-40, and 33-of-50.

  3. The Cardinals are 49-25 against righties, but are just 10-12 against lefties.

  4. The Cardinals have the largest plus run differential at +129, but the Astros are an astounding -155. The Red Sox lead the AL at +91, followed by the Tigers at +90.

  5. The Yankees have scored 387 runs and allowed 389. The last time the Yankees had a negative run differential was in 1992 (733-746) when they finished 76-86.

  6. The Orioles lead the majors in two-run games, 13-5 (.722), followed by the Phillies 14-7 (.667).

  7. The Red Sox are 13-25 (.342) when allowing at least five runs, the best record in baseball.

  8. The increasingly hot Dodgers lead the majors with 2,211,458  attending their 50 home games. Overall, attendance in baseball is down 1,432,734 at an equivalent point from the 2012 season.  

  9. Records on June 22:

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