Must Read of the Day: WSJ – Baseball’s Strike-Zone Illusionist

Okay, I will not deny I’m sharing this article because the folks at, part of the TruMedia empire, provided assistance to writer Brian Costa on this piece. But as I wrote to Brian last evening, even if we weren’t part of this I would recommend this because he put together a really interesting piece.

Costa takes a deep dive into the art of framing pitches by catchers. Costa focuses on the ultimate artiste of this skill, Jose Molina, who Costa describes “He is among the worst hitting catchers of the last decade. At age 38, he’s not an exceptional fielder. And at 250 pounds, he runs as if wading through a pool of pudding….But when it comes to convincing an umpire that a ball is a strike, Molina is a magician.”

Dave Golebiewski of led our team in providing data to Costa who turned out to somewhat of an artist himself in introducing the topic and making it a great read.

Baseball’s Strike-Zone Illusionist can be found here.