This guy may be the most important man in baseball

Today is a perfect day for you to meet Fredric Horowitz.

Why today?

As we ruminate over the repercussions of Ryan Braun, two of sports worst offenders are recalled (certainly not celebrated) as it’s Barry B*nds 49th birthday and on this date in 2005, Lance Armstrong out-juiced the competition in his seventh consecutive Tour de France.

And who is Frederic Horowitz?

As we await the news of suspensions from the Commissioner’s Office, we also await appeals from the MLB Players Association who will file grievances on behalf of the players who do not plea-bargain like Braun.

As Maury Brown explains on, The grievance is heard before an arbitration panel that consists of a representative from Major League Baseball (most likely MLB’s Executive Vice President, Economics & League Affairs, Rob Manfred), a representative from the MLBPA (most likely Executive Director Michael Weiner) and the “panel chair” who is deemed to be neutral. That arbitrator, who is selected by both sides, is currently Fredric Horowitz, who replaced Shyam Das.

It’s important to note that Das was fired shortly after ruling in favor of Ryan Braun in his case to get his 50-game suspension for elevated levels of testosterone rescinded due to mishandling of his collected urine sample. At the time, league officials were furious at Das’ ruling and talked of taking the matter to court.

Ken Davidoff of the NY Post explains, A player is supposed to have an appeal heard within 20 days of being suspended and then is supposed to hear a decision from the arbitrator within 25 days of the hearing’s first day, but if many players appeal suspensions, then that time line could be slowed down, as there is one arbitrator — Frederic Horowitz, who will be assigned to all of the cases.

Meet Frederic Horowitz

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