What we really need on the back of baseball cards

Craig Calcatarra of NBCSports.com reports that in a tweet exchange between Matthew Bleiberg (@MatthewBleiberg, an editor of Topps baseball cards, and Brian Kenny (@MrBrianKenny) of the MLB Network that WAR will be included on the back of the 2013 Topps Finest set.

While this is useful, growing up for me baseball cards were a learning tool.

  • I learned geography (Fargo is in North Dakota, thank you Roger Maris).
  • I learned math, figuring out batting averages, ERA, and more.
  • And, I learned baseball history.

I have no idea how to figure out WAR and I don’t think the vast majority know how to do that either. Give us explanations of how to figure out stat.

Don’t just give me saves, like seen below in Bobby Parnell‘s card:
But give me blown saves.

Give me IRS (Inherited Runs Scored). Give me information that enables me to see the value of this player and then be able to compare on my own that value with other players.

Give me more history like in the point circled above and give me honest history, unlike in the A.J. Pierzynski card below:


Do you notice what’s missing?

Jesse Orosco was mention in Parnell’s card, but Pete Rose was omitted in A.J.’s card and every other Topps card which apparently believes in a Stalin-esque revisionist history approach.

My hope is that on the back of 2014 Topps cards we see this:

The Scarlet B

Scarlet B

Yes, “B” for “Balco” and “Biogenesis”