Nine Similarities Between Alex Rodriguez and Edward Snowden

These days I can’t help but think about the two most names dominating US news: Edward Snowden and Alex Rodriguez.

Nine to Know

  1. Snowden’s leaks were filled with NSA secrets, A-Rod’s leaks were filled with secretive PEDs.
  2. The Pentagon operation to counter the attack that Snowden was working on at the NSA was called “Operation Buckshot Yankee.”  The MLB operation may have the same name.
  3. For weeks, Snowden was stuck in limbo at the Moscow Airport. For weeks, Rodriguez has been stuck in limbo at the Tampa airport.
  4. Snowden’s girlfriend is faux celebrity pole-dancer Lindsay Mills, Rodriguez’ girlfriend is faux celebrity Playboy model Torrie Wilson.
  5. Yankees GM Brian Cashman said, ‘Alex should just shut the f— up.’ USA GM Barack Obama probably said, ‘Edward should just shut the f— up.’
  6. They have each had their share of reporters who have broken their stories: Snowden’s led by the British The Guardian‘s reporter Glenn Greenwald. A-Rod’s led by American’s guardian USA Today and its reporter Bob Nightengale.
  7. They have each have had their defenders: Snowden has WikiLeaks Julian Assange, Rodriguez has the New York Times columnist William Rhoden.
  8. The fate of Snowden will, in part, be determined by Russia’s Commissar Vladimir “Bud” Putin, the fate of Rodriguez will, in part, been determined by MLB’s Commissar Allan “Bud” Selig.
  9. While in Russia, Edward Snowden should look up the Chicago Tribune’s international reporter/correspondent Alex Rodriguez who in May 2002 was named as the Moscow Bureau Chief working out of Moscow, covering news of Russia and the former Soviet republics.