The Todd Helton turns 40 Report

My source for everything Rockies is the very talented Marc Stout of ROOT SPORTS. Marc provided me with this info about Todd Helton who turns 40 today, August 20th.

Helton is sixth player at least 40 years old currently on a big league roster:

*former teammates of Helton’s

Todd’s next RBI will be his 40th of the 2013 season.

According to here are stats that Helton has done exactly 40 times in his Rockies’ career (…in no particular order…):

  • 40 doubles in 2006
  • 40 home runs with a 2-1 count
  • 40 RBI with a 2-0 count
  • 40 total bases at Cinergy Field in Cincinnati (no longer in existence)
  • 40 hits at Shea Stadium in New York City (no longer in existence)
  • 40 RBI at AT&T Park in San Francisco
  • 40 Intentional walks vs. left handed starting pitchers
  • 40 plate appearances hitting 7th in the batting order
  • 40 walks vs. Washington
  • 40 total bases vs. Detroit
  • 40 sacrifice flies vs. teams with a .500 or better winning percentage
  • 40 plate appearances at Citi Field in New York City
  • 40 runs scored at Dodger Stadium