The Adam Dunn Report

It’s almost as hard to write a positive White Sox story as it is for Robin Ventura to squeeze a win out of his bedraggled crew.

Today we both celebrate.

The White Sox, who had lost six straight and 15 of 17, scored a season high in runs and posted its biggest margin of victory this year as they beat up the tins, 12-1.

Robin Ventura shared credit to the announced 960 dogs who were in the park for the team’s Dog Day promotion. “If we need dogs to show up every night, we’ll go ahead and make that happen.”

I only mention this truly meaningless game (except to the doggies) because Adam Dunn hit his 32nd homer of the season and in the process tied Hall of Famer Andre Dawson for 39th place on the all time home run list, with 438.

Rk Player HR From To Age G PA AB Tm
1 Dave Kingman 442 1971 1986 22-37 1941 7429 6677 SFG-TOT-CHC-NYM-OAK
2 Andre Dawson 438 1976 1996 21-41 2627 10769 9927 MON-CHC-BOS-FLA
3 Adam Dunn 437 2001 2013 21-33 1862 7789 6429 CIN-TOT-WSN-CHW
4 Jason Giambi 437 1995 2013 24-42 2227 8822 7194 OAK-NYY-TOT-COL-CLE
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