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In the long run, the news yesterday for the Orioles was not as bad as first feared, in the short run the news was fatal.

As we watched Manny Machado go down after banging into the first base bag Monday night, all of us armchair orthopedists immediately thought torn ACL and maybe MCL. We watched him writhe around in pain and could only expect the worst.

Fortunately, the news was as good as could be expected – An MRI revealed Machado has a torn medial patellofemoral ligament. He will rest the knee until the swelling subsides and then go through a light rehabilitative program.

“The MCL is fine, the ACL is fine,” Orioles head trainer Richie Bancells said. “All those major ligaments are fine. This is a smaller ligament.”

“It’s good news for the clubhouse,” manager Buck Showalter said. “As much for the person as what it means. They all have really come to respect Manny and the way he carries himself.”

The fatal news came later last night courtesy of the Blue Jays Mark DeRosa who as a pinch-hitter tied the game in Baltimore on a single in the 8th inning, and then stayed in the game to single in the 10th driving in the eventual winning run, and drive a final stake through the heart of the O’s postseason chances with a 3-2 victory.

DeRosa was a player that the Jays added with the intent of having veteran leadership as they sought a championship, instead he showed his teammates that you keep playing, even though you are eliminated, and you can act as a spoiler.

Nine to Know

The Orioles 2005-13

Rk Year Lg W L W-L% Finish Playoffs Managers
1 2013 AL East 81 76 .516 4th of 5 Buck Showalter (81-76)
2 2012 AL East 93 69 .574 2nd of 5 Lost LDS (3-2) Buck Showalter (93-69)
3 2011 AL East 69 93 .426 5th of 5 Buck Showalter (69-93)
4 2010 AL East 66 96 .407 5th of 5 Dave Trembley (15-39),
Juan Samuel
 (17-34) and Buck Showalter (34-23)
5 2009 AL East 64 98 .395 5th of 5 Dave Trembley (64-98)
6 2008 AL East 68 93 .422 5th of 5 Dave Trembley (68-93)
7 2007 AL East 69 93 .426 4th of 5 Sam Perlozzo (29-40) and Dave Trembley (40-53)
8 2006 AL East 70 92 .432 4th of 5 Sam Perlozzo (70-92)
9 2005 AL East 74 88 .457 4th of 5 Lee Mazzilli (51-56) and Sam Perlozzo (23-32)
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