The Bill Chuck Files…

Nine to Know

  1. Since the All-Star break, NL MVP candidate Andrew McCutchen is hitting .368 on the road, the best number in baseball.

  2. As Davey Johnson wraps up his 17-year managerial career, you might recall that he holds the record for second basemen with 43 homers for the 1973 Braves.

  3. In the same game Chris Davis hit his ML best 51st homer, Manny Machado hit his ML best 51st double.

  4. Since 2004, Bronson Arroyo has started 324 games, Mark Buehrle 323, and CC Sabathia 318, the three most in baseball. At 1.128 this season, Arroyo has the best WHIP of his career.

  5. No surprise: Astros pitchers have produced 858 full counts, the most in the majors. Surprise: Red Sox pitchers have produced 832 full counts, the second-most in the majors.

  6. Edward Mujica has faced 245 batters (63.2 IP) this season and he has walked just four: Troy Tulowitzki (3-0), Matt Dominguez (3-2), Tony Sanchez (3-2), and Eric Hinske (3-1).

  7. Matt Harvey finished his season throwing 1244 pitches that were 95+ MPH, the most in the majors; Stephen Strasburg is next with 1205.

  8. A.J. Griffin leads the majors with 35 gopher pitches; it’s the most for the A’s since their current pitching coach Curt Young gave up 38 in 1987.

  9. The Red Sox clinched a visit to the 2013 visit to the postseason with their 93rd win; they ended their 2012 season with their 93rd loss.