The Bill Chuck Files…

Nine to Know

  1. Chris Davis leads the majors with 76 games in which he has had at least one extra-base hit; Paul Goldschmidt is next with 63.

  2. Joey Votto has come to the plate this season with 437 runners on base and he has 73 RBI including the 24 times he has driven himself home on a homer.

  3. John Lackey has allowed nine homers to cleanup batters, the most in baseball; Hisashi Iwakuma is next with eight.

  4. At the last postseason game in Pittsburgh, Game 5 of the NLCS on October 11, 1992 with the Bucs down 3 games to 1, at Three Rivers Stadium (capacity: 58,729), the Pirates drew 52,929 (90%).

  5. Albert Pujols (2008-09), Ryan Howard (2006), Barry B*nds (1993, 2001 and 2004), Larry Walker (1997), and Cal Ripken (1991) are the most recent Most Valuable Players who did not make the postseason.

  6. Neither the Diamondbacks, Marlins, Nationals/Expos, Astros, nor the Royals have ever had a single-season home run leader.

  7. While Matt Carpenter leads the majors with 63 multi-hit games, Andrew McCutchen and Eric Hosmer lead the majors with 48 two-hit games this season; Victor Martinez leads with 16 three-hit games, Miguel Cabrera leads with seven four-hit games; and Carlos Gomez and Billy Butler lead with two five-hit games.

  8. Since September 3, Billy Hamilton has stolen 13 bases; since July 1, the Tigers have stolen 12.

  9. James Shields has the lowest road ERA this season at 2.12; Max Scherzer has the lowest road BAA at .177.