The Fund Raiser Report

Since 1998, I have written thousands of posts, Nine to Knows, stories, and anecdotes on I love doing it. I love the e-friendships I have made, the in-person relationships that have grown, and the respect that this site has gotten from the baseball community.

One of things I have tried to do, over the years, is share my love of the game. In the real world, “knowledge is power.” In baseball, “knowledge is fun.” With that in mind, I have been focussed on keeping my offerings free to whomever wants to read it.

Unfortunately, I live in the real world and everything has a cost. So, I am asking for your help to keep this a free publication by making a contribution to the Billy-Ball-Tip-Jar.

If you have enjoyed my writing, won bets as a result of the info I shared, looked better to others as a result of sharing things you’ve learned here, or, and this is really important, shared something with some kid that helped made her or him a baseball fan, here’s your chance to help keep this a free publication

Whatever you choose to contribute is appreciated, but whether you give or not, I’ll still be writing and you should still be reading.

BTW: If anyone wants to buy Billy-Ball, the bidding starts at $1m

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Thanks to one and all