The Google Glass Blue App Report (video)

Picture yourself going to the ballgame (so far, so good) and you’re wearing your Google Glasses.

Okay, I know I’ve gone too far, but just play along.

Google Glass eyewear has this week received a new application called Blue which provides wearers with real time stats as they watch the game.

The folks at created the Blue app which uses geolocation to figure out which ballpark you’re sitting in, then knows who’s playing and automatically starts presenting data to you as the game unfolds — stats for every player and pitch, even play-by-play descriptions.

In their words, “Watch a pitch fly by, then Blue will tell you its speed and type. Wondering what call the umpire just made or why that runner got sent back to first base? Blue will let you know.”

In other words, Blue provides for you a high resolution display which gives you the equivalent of a 25 inch HD display from eight feet away and is positioned just in front of your right eye with information that’s available on the really big scoreboard in front of your face.

The creators of this app acknowledge this but also point out Blue will keep delivering updates to you while you’re waiting in line at the concession stand.

They are too polite to point out that it gives you the data from the action you miss when the hideous “wave” is taking place or when you sit in a ballpark (like my local field) where fans are constantly getting up to get beer and and then use the facilities without any real care whether other fans can see the game or not.

These folks plan to add additional data that you usually don’t see on the board, including Pitch FX trajectory charts.

Ultimately, they will add so much data that it will almost equal watching the game at home.