The Len Berman Report

I’ve been a fan of sportscaster Len Berman longer than either of us would like to remember. He is the creator of “Spanning the World,” a monthly collection of sports bloopers, which has been over a 20-year staple on NBC’s Today Show.

On his website you can subscribe to his fun newsletter that gives a Top Five in sports each day.

One item caught my eye today that is worth a share:

Mike Vaccaro had an interesting column in the New York Post yesterday. He wrote the Yankees could honor Mariano Rivera in a very simple way. Just add an “A”. River Avenue runs next to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Just rename it Rivera Avenue. The idea came from a fan who was staring at the River Ave sign. He thought add an “A” to River and put an “S” in front of Ave. Not bad. Of course New York policy dictates naming streets only after dead people. Then again former Major Leaguer Jumping Joe Dugan once told me that when he turned 80 they named a street after him in New York City. He said, “They called it 80th Street.”