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I feel as if I’ve been preparing this article since Spring Training.

It’s a testament to Joe Girardi that it took until September 25 for the Yankees to be mathematically eliminated from the postseason, but with the Rays beating up Phil Hughes (his last pinstripes appearance?) and the Yankees, 8-3, the Yankees were done in the bottom of the 8th inning when the Cleveland Indians defeated the Chicago White Sox, 7-2.

According to STATS

This season the Yankees have had a major league-leading 21 different players have gone to the Disabled List 28 times missing 1,461 days.

According to the incomparable Buster Olney

Tonight may not just be Mariano Rivera‘s last night in the Bronx, but also Curtis Granderson‘s and Robinson Cano‘s.

“According to sources, the split between what the Yankees have offered in a contract is enormous, with Cano seeking a 10-year deal for approximately $305 million — a figure which represents the total value of Alex Rodriguez‘s record-setting deal if he achieves all of the built-in incentives. Some friends of Cano have a sense that Cano will take the biggest offer that he receives this winter, regardless of whether it comes from the Yankees or some other team.”


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Hey, Man!

John Heyman who is always interesting and informative on or the MLB Network, writes about the possibility of Yankee manager Joe Girardi last night in the Bronx and heading to the Chicago Cubs:

“Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said in a phone interview that he couldn’t answer how strongly Girardi might consider the Cubs should they have an opening but made clear their intention to retain Girardi, whose three-year contract expires after this season. “We’d like to have him back,” Cashman said. “When the time becomes appropriate — very soon — we’ll talk to him, and he’ll have that opportunity. We’ll put ourselves in position to have him back.””

Nine to Know

New York Yankees 2005-13

Rk Year Lg W L W-L% Finish Playoffs Managers
1 2013 AL East 82 76 .519 3rd of 5 Joe Girardi (82-76)
2 2012 AL East 95 67 .586 1st of 5 Lost ALCS (4-0) Joe Girardi (95-67)
3 2011 AL East 97 65 .599 1st of 5 Lost LDS (3-2) Joe Girardi (97-65)
4 2010 AL East 95 67 .586 2nd of 5 Lost ALCS (4-2) Joe Girardi (95-67)
5 2009 AL East 103 59 .636 1st of 5 Won WS (4-2) Joe Girardi (103-59)
6 2008 AL East 89 73 .549 3rd of 5 Joe Girardi (89-73)
7 2007 AL East 94 68 .580 2nd of 5 Lost LDS (3-1) Joe Torre (94-68)
8 2006 AL East 97 65 .599 1st of 5 Lost LDS (3-1) Joe Torre (97-65)
9 2005 AL East 95 67 .586 1st of 5 Lost LDS (3-2) Joe Torre (95-67)
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