The Wild Card Race Report

Here’s where we stand this morning:

The Indians picked up a 2-1 rain-shortened 7-inning win against the Astros and Texas lost at Kansas City also by a 2-1 margin on a two-out four-pitch bases loaded walk in the 8th inning by Neftali Feliz to Alcides Escobar.

With that combination of events, the Tribe moved into the postseason picture and the Rangers are now like Little Anthony and the Imperials on the outside looking in.

AL Wild Card

BOS E 94 61 +9.5
OAK W 91 63 +7.0
DET C 90 64 +6.0
TBR E 84 69 +0.5
CLE C 84 70
TEX W 83 70 0.5
BAL E 81 72 2.5
KCR C 81 72 2.5
NYY E 81 73 3.0

NL Wild Card

ATL E 91 62 +3.5
STL C 90 64 +2.0
LAD W 88 66
CIN C 88 66
PIT C 88 66
WSN E 83 71 5.0


If the postseason began today

In the AL:
The Rays and the Indians would meet in the AL play-in game with the winner going to Fenway to face the Red Sox and the losers going home. The A’s and the Tigers would be meeting in the other bracket.
In the NL:
The Reds and the Pirates would meet in the NL play-in game with the winner heading to Atlanta to face the Braves and the losers going homer. The Dodgers and Cardinals would meet in the other bracket.

But the season doesn’t end today

In the AL

  • Tampa has three with Baltimore, then heads to New York for three and Toronto for three.
  • Texas is in Kansas City for two, then closes out at home against with the Astros for three and the Angels for four.
  • Cleveland hosts the Astros for two and the White Sox for two, then heads to the Twin Cities for a four gamer.
  • Kansas City host the Rangers for two and then hit the road for three in Seattle and four against the White Sox.
  • Baltimore heads to Tampa for three and then back home to face Toronto and Boston for three each.
  • The Yankees host the Giants for two and the Rays for three and then close in Houston for three.

In the NL

  • The Reds are in Pittsburgh for two, and then host the Mets and Bucs for three each.
  • The Pirates host the Reds for two, and then close out on the road in Wrigley and Cincy for three.
  • The Cardinals are in Milwaukee for two then head home to face the Nats and the Cubs for three each.
  • The Nationals welcome the Marlins for two and head to St. Louis and Arizona for three each.