If You Can’t Join ‘Em, Beat ‘Em

Like Saturday night, last night’s Fox ALCS coverage was a disservice to baseball fans.

The constant stream of blather was marked by a deafening dearth of information. I’m not talking about esoteric wOBA, FIP, or VORP type stats that appeal to a limited viewership, I’m talking basic information such as the fact that while Max Scherzer was lights out in the first three innings with seven strikeouts, he also threw 52 pitches, a pace that would prove unsustainable enabling Boston to get to the vulnerable Tigers bullpen.

I tweeted about this last night (@BillyBall) using the #FoxIrrelevant hashtag. Throughout the evening I was adding information and followers.

Perhaps there are those who found that hashtag offensive and I’m fine with that though I doubt that baseball fans would disagree with the sentiment.

Let’s change the dynamics

If you want to share relevant information throughout Fox telecasts that will enhance our enjoyment of future Fox games, come up with a hashtag and we will publicize it together.

Fox believes they have advanced telecasts by giving us meaningless in-game interviews with someone in the dugout. They haven’t.

There is so much information easily available, accessible, and understandable that can be shared that will both improve the telecast and reduce the animosity towards the hosts of the show (the broadcasting team is now the equivalent Ryan Seacrest or Jeff Probst) that they could simply flash on the screen.

Then again, they probably wouldn’t do it…without a sponsor.