The Black & Gold is the New Black Report

Cleveland, the fans in Pittsburgh just showed you how to propel your team to the next level.

While there are those who might think this was just another Cincinnati Reds postseason fold, this, my friends, was a Pittsburgh Pirates win…raise the Jolly Rogers!

Three playoff appearances and two division titles in four years for the Reds meant nothing to the great fans of Pittsburgh who yelled and screamed in delight throughout the game in support of their Bucs. Dressed in black and gold, the ballpark was shaking in support of Russell Martin‘s two homers and Marlon Byrd‘s dinger.

The Pirates crowd’s sing-song chant of CUE-TOH, CUE-TOH rattled Johnny Cueto and made him as effective as John Boehner in front of a chanting crowd of Tea Party congressmen (BAY-NER, BAY-NER).

“We didn’t worry about what he did against us,” Andrew McCutchen said. “We worried about what we could do against him.”

Forget what idiots like me write about Francisco Liriano, he was brilliant. He was in complete command of the situation and of the Reds. Liriano owned the night as he scattered four hits in seven innings. Reds fans don’t feel badly that Mat Latos wasn’t physically able to make the start because of bone chips in his pitching elbow, the Reds were not beating Liriano last night.

The Reds lost the final six games they played, four of them to the Bucs. It was their first six-game losing streak since May of 2011. The Reds should be happy this was a one-and-done because they simply would have lost two-of-three in two games.

“They beat us on both sides of the ball,” Jay Bruce said postgame. “They played better. They pitched better. They hit better. They were at home. There’s nothing else to say. In my opinion, it was pretty apparent the whole game.”

He left out that the Reds were out-fielded and out-managed as well.

Hey Cleveland, if the record crowd of 40,487 at PNC Park in Pittsburgh taught you anything it’s if you want to have a Pirates feeling tomorrow, you better be able to say it’s because: “Cleveland rocks!”.