The ‘Bronx Bombers’ Bomb on Broadway Report

As reported in this space earlier, a new show about the Yankees has made its debut on Broadway and according to the New York Times, this is an under .500 production.

From the review by Daniel M. Gold:

Great theater can make an audience feel new things, perhaps reassess long-held beliefs. It turns out that bad theater can achieve that, too. As a lifelong Mets fan, I never thought I could pity the Yankees. But thanks to “Bronx Bombers,” I do.

Not because of any tales of woe, though this play, written and directed by Eric Simonson (“Lombardi,” “Magic/Bird”) and produced by Primary Stages, milks the early deaths of Lou Gehrig and Thurman Munson for sympathy. No, it’s because the Yankees — the players, the organization, even the club’s fans — deserve better than this mawkish and sappy effort, which brings new meaning to the phrase “high cheese.”

In closing, Mr. Gold wonders, “Is this kitschy pap really what the Evil Empire has come to?”