(Hans) Solo HR pitching leaders

Nine to Know: Solo HR Report of June 29, 2016

  1. Entering play on Wednesday, there have been 2653 homers hit this season of which 1612 have been solo shots (60.7%)
  2. The Reds have allowed 74, followed by the Royals who have given up 71. The Mets have permitted just 36.
  3. The Orioles and Nationals have each hit 70, the most in the bigs. The Braves have hit 22, the fewest in the majors.
  4. There have been 36 homers leading off games
  5. There have been 20 solo walkoff homers
  6. Great American ballpark has been the location for 75 solos, the most in the majors, followed by Yankee Stadium where 72 have been Bronx bombed. PNC Park has only housed 34 solo homers.
  7. Wil Myers and Todd Frazier each have hit 14 Hans Homers, the most in the majors
  8. There have been five inside the park solo homers.
  9. There have been 236 solo homers hit in the 4th inning, the most of any inning.

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