Nine Fabulous 1st Inning Team Pitching Stats

Nine to Know: Best and worst team pitching in the 1st inning (entering play 6/27/16)

  1. In 74 games, the Mets have allowed just 23 runs in the 1st inning (the Twins have allowed 56)
  2. In 74 games, the Cubs have allowed just 80 total bases in the 1st inning (they are the only team below 100 – the Phils and Twins have each allowed 159)
  3. In 74 games, the Cubs have a .183 BAA (in 76 games, the Red Sox have a .303 batting average against)
  4. In 74 games, the Cards have allowed just 3 home runs in the 1st inning (the Twins have allowed 15)
  5. In 77 games, the Giants have allowed just 1 stolen base in the 1st inning (the Braves have allowed 13)
  6. In 75 games, the Red Sox have produced 12 ground ball double plays in the 1st inning (the Cubs have just 2)
  7. In 74 games each, the Rays, Mets, and the Cubs are the only teams not to hit a batter in the 1st inning (the Giants have hit 6)
  8. In 76 games each, the Rangers and the Nationals are the only teams to not allow a sac fly in the 1st inning (the White Sox have allowed 7)
  9. There have only been 11 intentional walks issued in the 1st inning and the Braves have issued 3 of them