Inside the #MLB Standings of April 20

Nine to Know: MLB Standings of April 20

  1. The Houston Astros (10-5) are the only AL West team over .500
  2. In the AL Central, the Tigers are in first place  with an 8-6 record because the Indians, Royals, White Sox, and Twins all have 7-7 records.
  3. The Yankees are 10-5; they finished April last season at 8-14 and didn’t win their 10th game until May 6.
  4. The Colorado Rockies are in a first-place tie with the Arizona Diamondbacks at 10-6 helped in large part by their 6-0 record in one-run games.
  5. On May 21, 24, and 25 last season, the Blue Jays were 7.0 games out of first place in the AL East, the farthest they trailed at any point last season. They sit 6.5 games back today with a 3-11 record and this follows a 3-0 win over the Red Sox last night. Before the victory, the Jays were nine games under .500. Even at eight games under, it’s the most they have been under .500 since 2013 when they were 16 under on August 24 and finished 77-85.
  6. The Red Sox are 3-0 when scoring five or more runs, the best record in baseball; they are also 2-0 when allowing five or more runs, the best record in baseball.
  7. The Yankees’ winning streak of eight straight has been the longest of the season, it included wins over the Orioles, Rays, Cardinals, and White Sox.
  8. The Blue Jays’ losing streak of seven straight has been the longest of the season, it included defeats to the Rays, Brewers, and Orioles.
  9. Arizona, Boston, Detroit, Washington, and the New York Yankees have had five different starters earn a win this season