The Trades Between Chicago Cubs & Chicago White Sox

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The Cubs picked up lefty starter Jose Quintana from the White Sox on Thursday for a four-player package that includes:

Quintana’s Contract history

Year Age Tm Salary SrvTm Sources Notes/Other Sources
2013 24 Chicago White Sox $500,000 0.133 contracts
2014 25 Chicago White Sox $850,000 1.133 contracts
2015 26 Chicago White Sox $3,400,000 2.133 contracts
2016 27 Chicago White Sox $5,400,000 3.133
2017 28 Chicago White Sox $7,000,000 4.133
2018 29 Chicago White Sox $8,850,000 $8.35m salary if not arbitration eligible after 2014 season
2019 30 Chicago White Sox *$10,500,000 $10.5M Team Option, $1M Buyout
2020 31 Chicago White Sox *$11,500,000 $11.5M Team Option, $1M Buyout
Earliest Free Agent: 2019
Career to date (may be incomplete) $17,150,000 Does not include future salaries ($8.85M)
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Here is the recent trading history between the two Chicago clubs

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November 16, 2006. The Chicago White Sox traded Neal Cotts to the Chicago Cubs for Carlos Vasquez (minors) and David Aardsma.

July 29, 1998. The Chicago White Sox traded Matt Karchner to the Chicago Cubs for Jon Garland.

March 30, 1992. The Chicago Cubs traded George Bell to the Chicago White Sox for Ken Patterson and Sammy Sosa.

April 30, 1990. The Chicago Cubs traded Frank Campos (minors) to the Chicago White Sox for Bill Long.

November 22, 1989. The Chicago Cubs traded Rich Scheid to the Chicago White Sox for Chuck Mount (minors).

January 25, 1983. The Chicago White Sox traded Warren Brusstar and Steve Trout to the Chicago Cubs for Scott FletcherRandy MartzPat Tabler and Dick Tidrow.

December 10, 1982. The Chicago White Sox traded Reggie Patterson to the Chicago Cubs for Ty Waller.

November 29, 1982. The Chicago Cubs purchased Jay Loviglio from the Chicago White Sox.

August 15, 1981. The Chicago Cubs traded Lynn McGlothen to the Chicago White Sox for a player to be named later. The Chicago White Soxsent Bob Molinaro (March 29, 1982) to the Chicago Cubs to complete the trade.

March 28, 1981. The Chicago White Sox traded Ken Kravec to the Chicago Cubs for Dennis Lamp.

August 18, 1977. The Chicago White Sox traded Larry Anderson and cash to the Chicago Cubs for Steve Renko.

December 11, 1973. The Chicago Cubs traded Ron Santo to the Chicago White Sox for a player to be named later, Ken FrailingSteve Stoneand Steve Swisher. The Chicago White Sox sent Jim Kremmel (December 18, 1973) to the Chicago Cubs to complete the trade.

June 2, 1972. The Chicago White Sox purchased Phil Regan from the Chicago Cubs.

November 30, 1970. The Chicago Cubs traded Pat JacquezDave Lemonds and Roe Skidmore to the Chicago White Sox for Ossie Blanco and Jose Ortiz.

September 1, 1970. The Chicago Cubs purchased Bob Miller from the Chicago White Sox.

May 23, 1967. The Chicago Cubs purchased Lee Elia from the Chicago White Sox.

May 22, 1967. The Chicago White Sox purchased Jimmy Stewart from the Chicago Cubs.

December 1, 1964. The Chicago White Sox traded Frank Baumann to the Chicago Cubs for Jimmie Schaffer.

August 7, 1957. The Chicago White Sox purchased Jim Hughes from the Chicago Cubs.

April 16, 1955. The Chicago Cubs purchased Lloyd Merriman from the Chicago White Sox.

September 30, 1954. The Chicago White Sox purchased Bill Serena from the Chicago Cubs.

March 16, 1950. The Chicago Cubs purchased Bob Schultz from the Chicago White Sox(Date given is approximate. Exact date is uncertain.)

February 2, 1950. The Chicago White Sox purchased Herman Reich from the Chicago Cubs.

August 4, 1949. The Chicago White Sox traded Bobby Rhawn and cash to the Chicago Cubs for Johnny Ostrowski.

July 13, 1949. The Chicago White Sox purchased Eddie Malone from the Chicago Cubs.

July 9, 1946. The Chicago Cubs purchased Doyle Lade from the Chicago White Sox.