Billy-Ball Daily: 2009-3-27

Billy-Ball Daily
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Billy-Ball-Weakly – From the diamond to your desktop…
By Baseball Newstalgist, Bill Chuck

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The only spin here is on my screwball

March 27, 2009

Let’s start it up with Steve Ray Vaughn, this is Billy-Ball, my Pride and Joy –

By Baseball Newstalgist, Bill Chuck

1. Over the last five seasons, Mark Teixeira has hit 177 homers, the same number as Ryan Howard.
2. Tom Glavine is six wins and two losses away from having the exact same career record as Tom Seaver, 311-205.
3. Curt Schilling, Dennis Eckersley and Mickey Lolich each surrendered 347 homers in their careers.
4. Throughout his career, Carl Crawford has drawn 98 walks at home and 98 walks on the road.
5. The three D-Back outfielders with the most homers last season were Chris Young (22) Justin Upton (15), and Conor Jackson (12) they totaled Albert Pujols homer production (49) in 2006.
6. The AL averaged .267 at the plate last season, which made the Jays’ Marco Scutaro the league’s most average hitter in 2008, hitting .267 on the nose.
7. Jason Bay was the first Pittsburgh Pirate to ever win the Rookie of the Year Award.
8. From 1996 through 2003, Nomar Garciaparra had played 928 games; in the last five seasons he played 441 games.
9. Last season, Adrian Gonzalez struck out 71 times at home and 71 away. He grounded into 12 double plays at home and 12 away. And he received nine intentional walks at home and nine away.
10. Last season, the Tribe’s Kelly Shoppach hit 21 homers in only 352 at bats. The record for that number of ABs is held by Bob Bailey (28) with Montr