Billy-Ball Daily: 2009-5-8

Billy-Ball Daily
Bill Chuck (Billy-Ball his own self)

By Baseball Newstalgist, Bill Chuck

May 8, 2009 – From The Bill Chuck Files…

1. The 1962 NY Mets were 8-18; the Washington Nationals are 8-18. The Nats and Mets are tied after 26 games..

2. Throughout his career, April is the only month in which Tim Wakefield’s ERA is below 4.00.

3. Brewers ace Yovani Gallardo homered to hit and pitch Milwaukee to a 1-0 win over Pittsburgh. This was the fourth time a pitcher has won a 1-0 game by homering although it has never happened in the AL and it’s highly unlikely it ever will.

4. Adam Dunn led the NL in walks last season and he’s doing the same so far this season. It should be noted that of the 20 players who have between 800-900 walks and 200-300 homers, Dunn, by far, has the fewest RBI. Dunn has 687 RBI, while the leader, Ted Simmons had 1,389.

5. Last season in 53.2 innings, the Pirates’ Matt Capps walked 5 batters. This season he’s walked 4 in 8.1 innings (May 5).

6. The last time Carl Pavano defeated the Red Sox prior to this past Wednesday was April 5, 2005.

7. Hard to believe but in 2004, playing for Detroit, Carlos Pena was 7 of 8 in stolen base attempts.

8. Lance Berkman came into this season with a .302 lifetime average and right now that .300 avg. is in jeopardy.

9. Brian Roberts has had back-to-back 57 RBI seasons, just like Darren Bragg (1997-98) and Dan Dreissen (1982-83).

10. Zack Greinke has three complete games this season, the same number he totaled in the first 105 starts of his career.

11. Last season, Andre Ethier reached his RBI high with 77, but didn’t pick up his 26th until the 59th game on June 26. This year he got it in his 28th game on May 5.

12. Chase Utley has led the NL in hit by pitches each of the last two seasons and leads this season as well. Utley’s 88th HBP tied him with Rondell White, Cesar Tovar, and John Olerud.

13. Bronson Arroyo currently leads the NL with 6 sac bunts; the record for the most sacrifices by a pitcher is 20, held by Roy Oswalt, Steve Rogers and twice by Urban Shocker.

14. Through his first 25 games last season, Pat Burrell was hitting .345 with 8 homers and 25 RBI. This season through 25, he was hitting .241 with 1 homer and 12 RBI.

15. Talk about pitchers who earn their money, Johan Santana has been getting a measly 2.12 runs per game in support from his Mets but he’s 4-1 because his ERA is 0.91.

16. What do relievers Mariano Rivera, Bruce Sutter and Mike Stanton all have in common? Besides a whole lot of saves, they each have 68 wins.

17. Hanley Ramirez has scored 125 runs in each of the last two seasons. In 1996 and ’97 Junior Griffey scored 125 runs in each season.

18. In the 2000 season, batters averaged 8.05 walks per game the only time there have been 8+ walks since 1950. This year (through Thursday) batters are averaging 7.93.

19. Zack Greinke has already won 6 games for Kansas City. The last 20-game winner for the Royals was Bret Saberhagen who won a team-record 23 games in 1989.

20. Elvis Pena’s two major league seasons (2000-01) resulted in 49 at bats and no homers, which means that Elvis Andru’s homers this year are the only time that “Elvis has left the ballpark.”

Bill Chuck is the creator of ( and, with Jim Kaplan, is the author of the book, “Walk-Offs, Last Licks, and Final Outs – Baseball’s Grand (and not so Grand) Finales,” with a Foreword by Jon Miller, published by ACTA Sports, and available worldwide.

Bill Chuck is available for radio appearances, and writing for print or the web: or 617-566-2784.

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